If you’re a General Practitioner who wants to know more about IVF4family and to understand how you can refer your patient to IVF4family, you’ve come to the right place!

Why IVF4family?

IVF4family is owned and operated by Care Fertility and located in Greenslopes Private Hospital, Brisbane. We want to help more people have the chance at conceiving a baby, which is why at IVF4family all the major IVF costs are bulk billed. Learn about what costs are involved in each step of our IVF process.

Patient Criteria

At IVF4family, we believe not everyone needs IVF to conceive a baby, which is why patients must see an affiliated gynaecologist before becoming a patient at IVF4family. We also have criteria that the patient must adhere to. These include:

1. the female must be under the age of 42 and have a BMI of under 35 kg/m2.

2. the couple should not require a donor or preimplantation genetic testing.

Required Tests

To ensure the patient is eligible to be a patient at IVF4family, the patient will require the following investigations;

• a pelvic ultrasound performed on day 2-4 of the menstrual cycle

• a cervical screening test

• antenatal screening tests on the female which include serology for rubella, varicella, hepatitis B and C, HIV and syphilis, thyroid function tests, blood group and antibody screen, B12 and folate, ferritin levels

• a semen analysis from the male partner.

These can be arranged by you and copies provided to the patients.

Referring Gynaecologist 

The next step is to refer them to an affiliated gynaecologist. These are:

Dr Stephen Cattanach - Mater Medical Centre

Dr Ken Law - Greenslopes Private Hospital

 Dr Brad Armstrong - Greenslopes Private Hospital 

Dr Clare Boothroyd - Greenslopes Private Hospital

From then the gynaecologist will assess your patient to ensure that other treatments have been implemented (to increase the chance of a spontaneous conception for example) and that the patient suitable for treatment through IVF4family.

Quality IVF, at an affordable price
We make IVF affordable by bulk billing major IVF costs. And though costs are bulk billed, all our nurses, doctors and scientists are experienced in IVF and will be there to help you thoughout the process.
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