Going through IVF can be an overwhelming experience and choosing an IVF clinic is an important first step. With many more IVF clinics offering bulk-billed IVF, we’ve collated questions to ask to help you decide what bulk-billed IVF clinic is best for you. 

1. What is the process?

Different IVF clinics have different IVF processes. To help you feel more comfortable with the experience it’s important to understand the process, as some IVF clinics require more appointments than others.  Some clinics perform procedures in licenced day care facilities, some do not.  Some clinics perform egg collections and embryo transfers in different facilities meaning that either you or the eggs need to travel.

2. How many years of experience do the staff I’ll be seeing have?

If it’s your first time having IVF, you might want to deal with staff who are experienced with the IVF process. Some clinics use more experienced staff than other clinics. 

3. During the IVF process, do I see a specialist or GP?

To reduce costs, some bulk-billed IVF clinics have appointments with GP’s rather than specialists. Before you start having IVF with a clinic, it’s best to clarify who you’ll be seeing, rather than finding out during your IVF process. 

4. If I am not successful with the first round of IVF, then what?

If you have an unsuccessful round of IVF, it is best you have a medical review to understand why it wasn’t successful. However, at some IVF clinics, a medical review is not required after having an unsuccessful IVF treatment. 

All bulk-billed IVF clinics are run differently. Before starting your IVF experience it’s important to understand the whole journey before you start your treatment. If you have any other questions about visiting IVF4family, contact us here

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