The ABC posted an article about females using fertility awareness as a contraception instead of other contraception methods, for example the contraception pill. In this article we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the contraception pill and females using fertility awareness as a contraception.

Using oral contraceptive pills has health advantages and disadvantages. Some of the health advantages are reduced endometriosis, reduced premenstrual mood disturbance, reduced period pain and reduced ovarian cancer. There are health disadvantages of the contraception pill, however they are rare. These include migraines, increased liver tumours, increased high blood pressure, increased clotting disorders and increased early breast cancer. 

When using hormonal contraceptives there is reduced awareness of the natural menstrual cycle. The natural menstrual cycle, in particular the interval between the first days of menstruation (the cycle length) provide information about a woman’s cycle and body. 

When cycle lengths are shorter than 26 days, a woman should see her doctor to be checked for reduced ovarian reserve (reduced number of eggs left in the ovary). If the cycle lengths are longer than 35 days advice should be sought to find out why ovulation is not regular or taking longer than average to occur. Absent cycles (when menstrual bleeding doesn’t occur) without hormonal contraception should also be checked out.

Using hormonal contraception methods have advantages and disadvantages. When fertility awareness is used as a contraception method, a woman is likely to understand her menstrual cycle and understand if there’s anything on which the advice of a doctor should be sought. However, using fertility awareness as a contraception method is not always accurate and unplanned pregnancies can occur.

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