You’ve finished the process of having IVF and had your embryo transferred, now what? It’s a common thought to try everything possible to make your IVF treatment successful. Here’s the best advice we give after an embryo transfer.


  • Have sexual intercourse. Some studies show having sexual intercourse after an embryo transfer may improve the chance of success. 
  • Have a healthy lifestyle. Eat the recommended daily intake of food and do light exercise. 
  • Take your medications reliably. After your embryo transfer you’ll be asked to take medications. 
  • Continue your normal day-to-day life

What to avoid:

  • High intensity exercise 

After having your embryo transferred, there are some concerns you might have. These include:


Cramping after an embryo transfer is uncommon and usually mild. If you feel your cramps are severe contact your doctor or the nursing staff. 

Light bleeding

Bleeding after having your embryo transferred is uncommon. Sometimes the cervix may bleed at the time of the transfer and your doctor will advise you of this at the time of your transfer.  If you have bleeding after your embryo transfer you should contact your doctor or the nursing staff. 


Bloating is very common after IVF  if your ovaries have been stimulated more than they would during a natural cycle. Review your information sheet on ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and follow any instructions you have been given. Bloating is uncommon in frozen embryo transfer cycles.

Pregnancy-like symptoms 

You might have pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, cramping or sensitive breasts, but unfortunately it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re pregnant. These symptoms can occur from the medications you are taking.


If you’ve had your embryo transfer and still unsure, speak to your doctor or nurse. 

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