With so many apps available, we take a look at some of our recommended apps to download which will assist you throughout your pregnancy.

  1. The Bump
    The Bump is aimed to increase your understanding of your pregnancy journey. A few of our favourite features include daily content about pregnancy and a planner which includes suggested questions you might want to ask your doctor when you have an appointment.
  2. What to Expect
    What to expect is ideal for anyone stressing out about pregnancy. To help you through your pregnancy, each day What to Expect will send content based on your due date. You can also choose to communicate with other parents who are due around the same time as you.
  3. Pregnancy Tracker - Babycentre
    This app is beneficial not only while you’re pregnant, but also after you have your baby. Pregnancy Tracker includes photo diary, baby names finder, birth plan checklist and daily tips while you’re pregnant.
  4. Sprout
    Sprout pregnancy app guides you through each day of your pregnancy. The app creates a 3D image of your baby and claims to have real-to-life interactive movements, kicking, heartbeat and more. You can also keep track of your pregnancy with the pregnancy journal.
  5. Baby Names
    Browse through thousands of possible names for your baby and learn about the origin, meaning and even how popular the names are.

Applications are constantly evolving and if you have any suggestions with any applications that you find helpful during pregnancy, we’d love to hear about them!

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