Best apps to help you conceive

Technology has come a long way and has helped many different industries. We look into some of the applications that have been created to help couples conceive and the benefits of these apps. 

Of course these apps don’t do any ‘magic’ and are not the solution to infertility, but can help when you’re first trying to conceive. Taking fertility treatments can reduce the effectiveness of these aps at predicting fertility so do follow medical advice if the app is indicating different information to that offered by your doctor. They do provide a good way of tracking your cycle and cycle length.

Fertility Friend

Fertility Friend has been around since 1998 and is an ovulation calendar and fertility tracker. You input data, which then helps you understand your fertility window so you know when is best to try and conceive. 

Unique difference: It has over 20 years experience and knowledge and started to concept of online fertility charting. 


Fertility calendar, health insights along the way and a daily health log are just a few functions of Glow. With this data it helps pinpoint your fertility cycle. 

Unique difference: your male partner can also connect and get involved, where he can also log data about his health, which connects to the your data and shows a full picture of your fertility as a couple. Glow also has a large online community, where you can ask questions participate in polls and so much more. 


One of the top rated apps on iTunes, Ovia aims at predicting your ovulation by using fertility and health indicators.

Unique difference: The algorithm based app uses data from millions of women trying to conceive or who are pregnant. 

Whilst these apps can help you understand your fertility cycle and help you understand your body, they should not be considered to help with infertility. They should also not replace medical advice. We always encourage couples where the female partner is under the age 35 and have been trying for more 12 months, or where the female partner is aged between 35-37 and has been trying for 6 months, to seek help. If you’re over 37, it’s best to seek help to investigate potential causes of infertility. 

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